Democrats Boycott Votes on Donald Trump's Cabinet Picks

Democrats boycotted confirmations of two of President Donald Trump's cabinet nominees.

It happened just a few hours after Trump fired acting attorney general Sally Yates for telling the Justice Department not to defend Trump's executive order that calls for a travel ban to several countries.

Democrats didn't show up to vote for confirmations of Steve Mnuchin and Tom Price, Trump's nominees for Treasury secretary and secretary of health and human services.

Michigan congressman John Conyers tweeted that, "Trump has commenced a course of conduct that is Nixonian in its design and execution." The New York Times reports Democrats said they delayed the hearings due to recent news stories suggesting Mnuchin and Price had given false statements during their confirmation hearings. 

The Washington Post reports Republicans did the same four years ago, when they boycotted a Senate committee's vote for Gina McCarthy to serve as former President Barack Obama's interior secretary.