Trump Signs 3 Executive Orders, Withdraws From Obama's TPP Deal

President Trump signed three executive orders Monday morning -- one withdraws the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), another one freezes federal workforce hiring -- with a military exemption -- and the last one reinstates limits on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate outside of the U.S. and receive American tax dollars for providing abortions.

The Washington Post reports the order to withdraw from the TPP was "symbolic" since the deal was dead in Congress and shows Trump is sticking to his campaign promise of limiting "foreign competitors" and putting American businesses and workers first.

The TPP was a trade pact among twelve Asian-Pacific countries -- not including China --- negotiated by President Obama.  CNN reports Trump ended hopes for a deal Obama wanted as part of his legacy. The New York Times reports Trump's move was a "dramatic reversal of decades old U.S. economic policy" of lower trade barriers.

As he signed the document Trump said it was a great thing for the American worker. Fox News reports supporters of the TPP said it would have been been a success for all 12 nations involved and would "unlock global business opportunities."

The TPP was never ratified by Congress before Obama left office.