'A Dog's Purpose' Premiere Cancelled Amid Animal Abuse Allegations

The fallout continues for new movie A Dog's Purpose after a video released by TMZ shows what many are calling disturbing animal cruelty.

Multiple media outlets report Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures have cancelled the Los Angeles premiere and press junket of the movie.

The TMZ released video from November 2015, shot outside Winnipeg, Canada appears to show a German Shepherd named Hercules being forced into rushing, turbulent water. You can see apparently the dog is frightened and doesn't want to go in. Later, the Shepherd is in the water and appears to go under when handlers scream "Cut it! Cut it!" They apparently rush to save the dog from drowning.

ABC News reports the rushing water was meant to simulate river rapids for a scene, which was later taken out of the movie.

Animal rights group, PETA, is asking for people to boycott the movie which comes out Jan. 27. PETA says Birds & Animal Unlimited (BAU) supplied animals for the movie.

E! News reports Universal Pictures sent them a statement saying the video in question is still being reviewed and cancelled the premiere in the best interest of the movie.