Former British Spy In Hiding After Trump Russia Report

A former MI-6 officer who is believed to be the person behind the release of incriminating Russian intelligence reports about President-elect Donald Trump has now gone into hiding -- according to multiple media outlets.

His name is Christopher Steele. The British spy runs a London-based intelligence firm. USA Today reports the 52-year-old left his home in Surrey Wednesday morning after realizing his name would soon be made public.

Steele is believed to be the author of an incriminating series of documents about Trump's Russian activities. The memos released by BuzzFeed claim the Kremlin has backed Trump for at least 5 years and has damaging information on him -- including bringing prostitutes to a suite believed to be used by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

The BBC reports a reporter was told Steele is a father of four and asked his neighbor to look after his three cats.