Donald Trump Says Buzzfeed Russia Report Is A 'Failing Pile Of Garbage'

President-elect Donald Trump strongly denies the Kremlin has incriminating information on him -- as Russia makes the same claim --- after a scathing report is released about Trump by BuzzFeed.

A BuzzFeed dossier, or collection of documents gathered about one topic, claims the Russian government has been cultivating, supporting and assisting Trump for at least 5 years. The dossier says Trump and his team accepted intelligence reports from the Kremlin on his political rivals, including Hillary Clinton.

The report goes on to say Russian intelligence officials collected information about Trump's activities in Moscow to blackmail him. And, that some of his activities included perverted sexual acts. The dossier says Trump purposely hired prostitutes and defiled the bed where he knew President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stayed during their visit to Russia at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.