Donald Trump Picks Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

President-elect Donald Trump has announced more picks for his cabinet.

He's expected to nominate Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Washington Post reports Pruitt has written the climate change debate is "far from settled."

According the The Post he joined other attorney generals to sue the EPA's Clean Power Plan, a policy that was meant to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and to sue over EPA's regulations of methane.

On his LinkedIn account, Pruitt says he is a leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda.

Trump chose Iowa governor Terry Branstad as ambassador to China. Branstad has had a long friendly relationship with President Xi Jinping and he's worked for years on building a strong trade relationship between China and his state of Iowa.

Trump has also tapped retired Marine General John F. Kelly to lead the Department of Homeland Security.