Ohio State Attacker Identified As Somali Immigrant

At least 9 are hurt after an Ohio State student drove down pedestrians, then slashed students with a butcher knife before he was shot dead by police.

USA Today reports the attack started just before 10 a.m. Eastern Time after the suspect purposely drove over a curb. Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone says an OSUPD officer was quick and arrived on scene a minute later and killed the suspect.

According to the Washington Post University officials identified the student as Abdul Razak Ali Artan. The Post reports Artan is 20 years old. In an August interview with the school newspaper, The Lantern, he described himself as a Muslim and he said he was afraid of praying out in the open because of how the media portrayed Muslims.

So far authorities haven't identified a motive, but Stone said they haven't ruled out terrorism.