U.S. Surgeon General Calls For the End of Addiction

The U.S. Surgeon General calls for the end of addiction in America. "Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health," is the first report from a U.S. Surgeon General that focuses on substance addiction.

The report says nearly 21 million Americans struggle with substance addictions. Dr. Vivek Murthy says the surge in prescription opioid addiction, alcohol dependence, substance misuse and substance use disorder keep people from living healthy and productive lives and affect loved ones and communities.

He admits it won't take just one solution -- the U.S. needs more programs and policies that increase access treatment options that work. Murthy told USA Today the problem won't be solved with a few laws or if public health experts start more programs, he says it's going to take everyone coming together to do their part. That means parents talking to their kids about addiction early on, he told USA Today.