Tickling Rats Makes Them Laugh And Jump For Joy

What happens when you tickle a rat?

It laughs the rat way -- with ultrasonic giggles inaudible by human ears -- and even jumps for joy! That's according to a new study published in the journal, Science. Yes, that's right, scientists tickled rats -- with gloved hands of course --- all for the sake of science.

Videos from the study show rats seemed to enjoy their tickle sessions -- they ran toward the hand, chased it around their cage and even chirped -- and joyfully jumped up and down.

According to the Washington Post, researchers found rats only enjoy being tickled when they feel happy and safe. So what does this mean for humans? The study suggests tickling is connected to your mood. According to the Washington Post the study results "could help neuroscientists explain the brain circuits associated with mood and the influence of positive thinking on human behavior." The Los Angeles Times also adds the research suggests "tickling is more than a quirk of the nervous system. It may even serve a useful social purpose."