Anti-Donald Trump Protests Turn Violent And Intensify

Protesters took to the streets for the third night in a row since Donald Trump's presidential victory. This time one of the anti-Trump protests turned into a riot according to Portland Police.

Oregonlive reports what started as a rush-hour march turned into event where demonstrators damaged cars at a car dealership and broke business windows in the Pearl District. Officers responded in riot gear and even fired rubber bullets at some rioters. On Twitter, Police said they arrested 26 people during the riot.

According to CNN, authorities said around 1,000 protesters in Oakland, California broke store windows, damaged buildings with graffiti and threw firecrackers, Molotov cocktails and bottles at police officers.

Donald Trump tweeted that they were professional protestors incited by the media and that it's unfair -- then changed his tune and said he loved the fact that small groups of protesters have passion for America. He said we will all come together and be proud.