More Anti-Trump Protests Held Across The US

Thousands of people across the U.S. take to the streets to protest their new president -- Donald Trump.

The "Not my president" protests were mostly peaceful, but CNN reports dozens were arrested.
According to the New York Times marches were reported in Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Washington and college campus in other states. The New York Times also reports the Oakland Police Department said a protest crowd grew by 3,000 people within just an hour.
According to the Chicago Tribune, about 2,000 protesters were near the Trump Tower and in two separate occasions, smaller group of demonstrators moved onto Lake Shore Drive and blocked traffic. According to the San Francisco Gate, a group of protesters started small fires and broke windows.

As for Trump, he met with President Barack Obama Thursday, saying he has "great respect" for his predecessor.  Obama said they talked about domestic and foreign policy and said it's important for all Americans to come together. Obama added he was encouraged by Trump's willingness to work with his team on issues affecting Americans.