Blended Learning: An Effective New Approach to CPR Training by the MedicProTraining Center

Many businesses and other organizations need trained staff members who can perform lifesaving CPR in emergencies. The question is, how can someone get the needed certification as a CPR provider? The Medic Pro Training center in Ann Arbor, Michigan offers a good solution. Medic Pro director Carter Doyle explains the Center’s training offerings in this report.

MedicProTraining Center

MedicProTraining Center

Doyle explains that some online companies are “scamming health care providers and even lay rescuers in businesses” by claiming that online certifications to provide CPR will be accepted. Such certifications will not be accepted, Doyle says. OSHA requires that persons who wish to be certified complete an in-person skills training program. The skills required to perform emergency CPR or first aid “aren’t something that you can just learn online.”

Someone looking for a training program should look out for red flags. One of them is that a program will claim to be “nationally accepted” or will make a guarantee that their training will be accepted. Doyle points out that there is no national organization or federal program that regulates emergency training. The American Heart Association is the most widely accepted certification organization. The AHA sets the standard, Doyle says, and any program working through the AHA is one consumers can trust.

If you get an online certification, you may find that your employer will make you take a traditional course of training through the Red Cross or the AHA. A lot of the time, Doyle says, students just end up losing their money. The online training is convenient, but it is a waste of time and money.

Medic Pro Training provides an American Heart Association training program. But Medic Pro goes a little further than just their traditional training. They also offer a wide range of training through blended learning programs. Medic Pro’s blended learning offers the convenience of online learning, but it includes requirement that students actually come to the center for in-person training with hands-on time. The session includes training and skills testing. Students “get the best of both worlds.”

Carter Doyle is the Medic Pro Training Center Director. He has over seven years of experience in education and six years of experience in healthcare. As a Paramedic, he uses the skills he teaches in class to save lives on a daily basis. His experience and medical training helps to ensure that Medic Pro Training teaches the most up-to-date first aid and CPR techniques supported by current medical research, and endorsed by professional medical boards and certifying agencies. The Health & Wellness Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.