Polio-Like Illness is Striking More U.S. Kids

Polio was eradicated from the U.S. months ago, but now reports of a polio-like illness is on the rise. The US Centers for Disease and Prevention says Acute flaccid myelitis is a rare illness that anyone can get. As of August 2016, 50 people in 24 states were confirmed to have AFM. Most of the cases were children. 

AFM affects a person’s nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, causing paralysis. The CDC says they are testing and researching the disease, but at this point they don't know the cause or how to prevent it. They say practice typical illness prevention -- wash your hands and protect yourself against mosquito bites.


Study Says Humans Life Expectancy Limit At 115 Years Old

A new study reported in the scientific journal, Nature, says the longest a human can live is 115.
Dr. Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his colleagues came up with 115 by analyzing years of demographic data from the Human Mortality Database and the International Database on Longevity.

During an interview with NPR, Dr. Jan Vijg said "We cannot break through that ceiling. The take-home message essentially is this whole ever-increasing life expectancy of humans cannot go on."
The report says the age of the world's oldest person hasn't increased since the 1990's and the likelihood of survival declines after the age of 100.

FDA Approves First 'Artificial Pancreas' for Diabetes

The FDA approves the first artificial pancreas. The device is an automated insulin pump, known as the MiniMed 670G. It was developed by medical device company Medtronic for patients with Type 1 diabetes. The MiniMed is the size of a cell phone. It monitors a patient's blood sugar levels and delivers insulin as needed. This means type-1 diabetes sufferers won't have to prick their fingers to check their blood sugar levels and then inject insulin.

The device has a sensor that measures blood sugar levels, an insulin pump strapped to the body and an infusion patch with a catheter that delivers insulin. The FDA approved the device for people 14 years and older with type 1 diabetes. The system won't be available until spring.

WHO: 92% of The World Is Breathing In Excessive Air Pollution

The World Health Organization says nearly everyone in the world is breathing in polluted air. A new WHO air quality model shows 92 percent of the world's population lives in places where the air quality exceeds WHO limits. WHO officials say 90 percent of air-pollution-related deaths happen in low or middle-income countries.

WHO hopes to lower those dangerous air pollution levels through BreatheLife. BreatheLife is a worldwide communications campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of air pollution and its risks.

First 3-Person-Baby Born Using New Method

Scientists say the first three-person baby has been born. The five-month-old boy was treated by a US medical team in Mexico, where the procedure is legal.

The baby was created through a controversial technique that combines DNA from three different people.The technique allows parents with genetic defects to have healthy babies. The boy's Jordanian mother carries Leigh syndrome, a fatal neurological disorder, which is characterized by progressive loss of mental and physical abilities.The condition is responsible for the deaths of the mother's first two children.The "three-parent" technique developed by Dr. John Zhang of New Hope Fertility Clinic in New York, removes the DNA from one of the mother's eggs and inserts it into a donor's egg.

The egg which holds DNA from both the mother and donor is then fertilized with the father's sperm. Zhang created five embryos this way -- only one developed normally. The embryo was implanted in the mother. While some are touting this as a success, those against the procedure say it raises ethical questions, and doctors shouldn't play God.